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What's your downturn defense?

If your clients aren’t already asking, they will be.

Clients are paying close attention to the market. After all, we’re currently in one of the longest running bull markets in history. Since March 2009, the S&P 500 has risen 332 percent. It’s been a good decade of growth. But with a typical bull market lasting an average of 4.5 years1, and if history is any indication, we may be due for a market correction.

With the recent market volatility, your clients may be wondering – is this it? Are we going into correction territory? And if you have clients who are close to retirement, with less time to recover from a market correction, they may be looking to you for answers.

“Your clients may be wondering – is this it? Are we going into correction territory?”

So what’s YOUR market downturn defense strategy for clients?

How about a strategy that includes predictability and downside market protection? One that offers growth potential and no risk associated with negative market performance.

Meet Ben. He’s five to ten years away from retirement and concerned about how current volatility in the markets are impacting his retirement portfolio. He thinks he needs to adjust his strategy to a more moderate approach to help reduce his market risk. But with five to ten years left, he still wants to grow his nest egg. Is that possible?

Watch this video to see what Ben’s options are and what he chooses. Do you have clients like Ben?

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