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Why a MYGA Offers a Simple, Predictable Way to Grow Your Clients' Money

Growing your clients’ retirement money shouldn’t be complicated.

If a client is looking for an accumulation strategy as part of their retirement strategy – it must mean they are willing to take some risks. Right? Well, not necessarily.

Depending on their age, years until retirement, or fortitude for market volatility – your client may be looking for a way to grow their money without market risks. However, some of the options available can be complex or don’t offer rates much better than a typical deposit account.1

Your client may be looking for something that offers the potential for simple, predictable growth for their retirement nest egg. But does “simple” and “predictable” and “growth” potential exist in a single retirement product?

“Take the complexity and long-term commitments out of a retirement strategy.”

Keeping it SIMPLE with a MYGA

If you have clients that are looking to take the complexity and long-term commitments out of their retirement strategy – consider a multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA).

With a MYGA, your client can earn interest at a competitive fixed rate for a guaranteed period of time, providing a greater degree of reliability and predictability to their retirement strategy.

Keeping it PREDICTABLE with SecureFore

SecureFore fixed annuities offer guaranteed growth2 at a tax-deferred fixed rate based on a 3, 5 or 7-year time period. Take a look at this chart which illustrates the growth of $100K based on hypothetical fixed annuity rates.

Fixed annuity returns

The chart assumes hypothetical fixed annuity rates and corresponding durations as indicated: 3 years - 2.40%, 5 years - 2.90%, 7 years - 3.00%. This chart assumes no fees, charges, or withdrawals are taken from the fixed annuity during the illustrated period. This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the performance of any specific product.


In addition to the benefits of guaranteed growth and tax deferral, a SecureFore fixed annuity offers your clients the potential to grow a portion of their retirement assets without the risk of stock market declines. SecureFore also provides the opportunity to generate a stream of retirement income that they can’t outlive.2

Learn more about SecureFore and see if a multi-year guaranteed annuity is a good fit for your clients

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