The impact of
inflation on
Next Gen Retirement


2022 Investor Study Results














Inflation is changing the way people are thinking about retirement. How can you connect with next gen retirees on the unique issues they’re facing? Let us show you...

What they’ve recently experienced.
What they expect going forward.
What they want from a retirement plan.
And where you can make the difference.

What they’ve experienced


of next gen retirees have recently experienced “sticker shock” when purchasing items like groceries, meals out in restaurants, travel, and more.

Searching for a solution


say protection of assets (limiting downside risk) while growing (still providing upside benefits) is important.

What they’re expecting

Next gen retirees are split on their outlook for the 2022 economy.

The majority believe high prices will last for the year.

57% believe inflation will get higher in 2022

27% say it will stay where it is












Many worry about maintaining a stable income stream in retirement

Over 60% believe low interest rates and rising inflation make it harder to create retirement income to last a lifetime.


Almost 70% are concerned they won’t be able to live comfortably in retirement.

What they want from a retirement plan

Guaranteed monthly income


believe guaranteed monthly income (protected income) in retirement is important — that’s nearly everyone!

Limit downside risk/provide growth potential


say they would be interested in an investment product that could limit downside risk while still providing some growth potential.

Defer taxes


say they would be interested in an investment that could defer taxes and protect principal while providing growth potential.

Where you can make the difference

Only 28% of those working with financial professionals were offered annuities as a retirement tool.

27% of those without an annuity don’t know enough about them to render an opinion on whether they feel positive, neutral or negative about them.

At the same time,

those who own an annuity are overwhelmingly positive.

And... 62%
of those with an annuity say the money they saved for retirement will last the rest of their life.


Now’s the 
time to 
be talking!

The next generation of retirees is facing unique challenges, including inflation that has risen at a rate that no one has seen for 40 years.

In addition, stock market volatility is contributing to their concerns over retirement planning.

They may be looking for the upside potential and downside protection that products like many annuities can provide.

And they typically care about the type of “retirement paycheck” that many annuities are designed to deliver.

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The survey was conducted online among those close to or in retirement with significant investable assets:

  • Age 55-70
  • $250,000 to $2 million in assets
  • No pension