Income Multiplier Benefit playbook (for income sooner)

For the certainty of protected lifetime income (that may rise)

Ready to offer your clients the certainty of protected lifetime income that could rise?

Get the ball rolling with these resources to show them how they could use a portion of their portfolio to add more certainty to their retirement strategy.

Retirement income streams face uphill battle

Educate your clients on how devastating inflation may be to their retirement. Loaded with key statistics, it shows the uphill battle a steady income stream faces against increased living costs.

Customer story: An opportunity for rising income

Share “Kelly’s” story with your clients to help them better understand how they can secure a source of lifetime income that may rise (even while they’re taking income). It shows how she used the optional ForeIncome fixed index annuity (FIA) Income Multiplier Benefit option to add the potential for more certainty to her retirement income strategy.

Show your clients what’s possible

Review a sample illustration to show the power of ForeIncome FIA’s optional Income Multiplier benefit.

Create a reliable source of retirement income with potential to grow

ForeIncome FIA with the optional Income Multiplier Benefit offers your clients a guaranteed lifetime income stream that has the potential to continue to increase – even after income has been activated. Watch this video to see how it works.

ForeIncome FIA product highlights

Get and share the facts and features about ForeIncome with your clients and prospects with this highlight sheet.

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