Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit playbook (for income later)

For the certainty of guaranteed lifetime income growth

Ready to offer your clients the certainty of guaranteed lifetime income growth?

Get the ball rolling with these resources to show them how they could use a portion of their portfolio to add more certainty to their retirement strategy.

Fixed income risk

Download this flyer to demonstrate the risks associated with ‘traditional’ fixed income investing to your clients since retirees commonly turn to the “safety” of bond or fixed income investments for their retirement income needs.

ForeIncome 8% annual growth flyer

This flyer provides a high-level overview of the benefits of ForeIncome FIA’s optional Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit and its 8% guaranteed annual Withdrawal Base growth.1,2,3

Income Efficiency Calculator

What’s best? 4% or 3%? Use the ForeIncome FIA Income Efficiency Calculator to compare a systematic withdrawal strategy to ForeIncome FIA’s guaranteed lifetime income.

Guaranteed lifetime income

Review a ForeIncome FIA illustration to see how the Income Builder benefit can create guaranteed income for life.

ForeIncome FIA product highlights

Get and share the facts and features about ForeIncome with your clients and prospects with this highlight sheet.

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