Start eight life insurance conversations with business owners

What can S.T.O.P. do for you?

This original, problem-solving approach opens up eight life insurance conversations you can have with business owners, covering employees, partners, family and heirs. S.T.O.P. helps you ask the right questions, discover the problems that need to be solved and present the possible advantages life insurance can offer.

Scroll down to access the system and the resources that will help you use life insurance to execute these strategies: key person retention, executive bonus, buy/sell agreements, income replacement, supplemental retirement planning, estate planning, estate equalization, charitable giving and more.

Get started with S.T.O.P.

Learn how this consultative technique can shift your approach from selling to solving—and turn you into a valued resource in the eyes of your clients who own businesses.

S.T.O.P. makes it easy to start conversations on the topics your clients are thinking about most.

Thinking about employees

Every business has key people who keep things running successfully — through ideas, know-how, experience and leadership.

You can use S.T.O.P. to demonstrate how life insurance can solve both key person and employee retention challenges.

Employee-related resources

These resources will help you use life insurance to solve the employee-related problems that business owners often struggle with.

Thinking about business partners

Buy-Sell Agreements can be an important part of any partnership. See how S.T.O.P. helps you start the conversation about funding both cross-purchase and entity purchase agreements with life insurance.  

Thinking about family

The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to a chosen beneficiary(ies), but there are other possible advantages for a business owner during his or her life.

Learn how S.T.O.P. enables you to put life insurance at the center of both income replacement and retirement discussions.

Family resources

These resources will help you use life insurance to solve some of the most important issues business owners face when it comes to providing security for their families.

Thinking about heirs

A significant portion of a business owner’s estate is often contained in the business itself, an asset that usually needs to be passed on whole. In addition, many business owners have the means and desire to give to charity.

With S.T.O.P. you can show how life insurance can solve the estate equalization problem and also amplify a business owner’s charitable giving.

Resources related to heirs

These resources will help you deliver peace of mind to your business-owning clients by helping to resolve some of the stickiest problems they may be facing.

Consider these IUL products to help you solve the owner’s problems

Global Accumulator Indexed Universal Life

Designed for individuals looking for accumulation potential, while maintaining flexibility in their approach.

Lifetime Builder ELITE Indexed Universal Life

The indexed universal life product designed to help clients build for the future.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE Indexed Universal Life

The IUL policy focused on death benefit guarantees.

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