Business Planning

IUL strategies to help meet many of your clients’ business planning needs

Here’s your business planning playbook

Life insurance can play an important role in business continuation, executive bonus, key person strategies, non-qualified executive benefits — and more! The materials on this page will help you talk to business owners about the many ways indexed universal life insurance can help them address key business challenges.

Selling program

Talk to Business Owners

Our S.T.O.P. (Solve The Owner’s Problems) program helps you start 8 insurance-related conversations specifically with business owners — to help them find solutions related to employees, partners, family and heirs.


Why can’t I sleep?

This brochure directly addresses the questions that keep business owners up at night: What happens if I lose a key employee? Can my business survive without me? What happens if my partner dies?

Additional business planning resources

These resources provide you — and your clients — everything you need to identify the opportunities to successfully utilize universal life insurance in business planning.

Fact Finders

Help your clients build a solid financial plan — based on solid facts. Our fact finders enable you to gather complete information about a client, to help them analyze their current situation and identify planning opportunities.

Consider these IUL products for business planning

Global Accumulator

Designed for individuals looking for accumulation potential, while maintaining flexibility in their approach.

Lifetime Builder ELITE

The indexed universal life product designed to help clients build for the future.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE

The IUL policy focused on death benefit guarantees.

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