Accumulation playbook

Growth potential with the certainty of no market losses

Here’s your accumulation playbook

Get the ball rolling with these resources to show them how they could use a portion of their portfolio to add more certainty to their retirement strategy.

Retirement income streams face uphill battle

Educate your clients on how devastating inflation may be to their retirement. Loaded with key statistics, it shows the uphill battle a steady income stream faces against increased living costs.

Customer story: Seeking growth when the risks are greater

Show your customers an accumulation strategy in action with a customer story: At 55, “Ben” is planning to retire in 10-12 years, still wants to grow his money, but also wants to reduce his market risk. Does this strategy exist?

ForeAccumulation FIA rate renewals flyer

View ForeAccumulation’s annual rate renewal percentages from its 2014 product launch through 2020 (hint: it’s been 100% every year).

Show your clients what’s possible with ForeAccumulation FIA

Review an illustration to see the growth potential of our ForeAccumulation FIA.

ForeAccumulation FIA product highlights

Get and share the facts and features about ForeAccumulation with your clients and prospects with this highlight sheet.

As one portion of their retirement strategy, a ForeAccumulation II fixed index annuity can give your clients growth potential without any worrisome down market losses.

ForeAccumulation FIA offers

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