Do your clients know the risks?

Risk Reset

Help protect your clients’ retirement savings from a perfect storm of inflation, interest rate uncertainty, bond value risk and market instability.

Start the fixed income conversation

The resources in this campaign — including an animated video, brochure, several interactive tools, and more — help you show your clients how rising inflation, uncertainty over interest rates and the risk to bond values can impact the fixed income portion of their retirement planning. And how certain annuities might provide one option. We’ve also created a website to help educate consumers. It contains all of these great assets, and your clients can find it at

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The impact of inflation on Next Gen Retirees

We surveyed more than 1,000 Next Gen retirees to see how inflation, and other current topics, are affecting their retirement plans. The results reveal great concern and remarkably consistent perspectives — giving you common ground to start conversations with both current clients and prospects.

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Can looking back help your clients look forward to retirement?

Inflation in the U.S. has been rising at the fastest rate in 40 years, and that got us thinking: what else was happening 40 years ago? Watch this fun look back to 1982 and learn how Global Atlantic can help your clients plan for their retirement.

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How your clients manage risk can make all the difference

This consumer brochure presents a clear and concise primer on the topics of inflation, interest rates and bond values, with some insights into how annuities might help reset these risks.

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In the news: article reprints

We’ve compiled three insightful articles — from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Alliance for Lifetime Income — for you to share with your clients. Each one delivers valuable information on the challenges facing everyone who is trying to plan for fixed income in retirement. 

Rising inflation and wages prompt older workers to put off, exit retirement.

In an upside-down world of financial markets, expected returns after inflation are at record lows.

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Do you have clients searching for certainty?

Our Value of Certainty playbooks provide another way to talk about today’s risks—while considering accumulation, income, long-term care, and legacy strategies that address them. Each playbook is packed with the tools and resources you need to get the ball rolling. Just follow the step-by-step approach!

Are your clients ready for a risk reset?

Share this short video with your clients to help them understand the risks and introduce some ways in which annuities might work, in certain situations, as part of their fixed income strategy. 

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