Retirement strategies for better client conversations

Help build your client base and elevate your business with these client-facing strategies, campaigns and resources. We have “playbooks” for you to use as you help your clients with any financial goals they may have.

Risk Reset

Is fixed income becoming risked income?

Do your clients know the risks? Based on our recent Investor Study, many of your clients may be wondering how the perfect storm of inflation, low-interest rates, bond value risk and market instability will impact their retirement savings. It may be time for a risk reset.

Value of Certainty

It’s time to offer clients greater certainty

With step-by-step playbooks, packed with tools and resources – offer your clients greater certainty where they may need it most.

Long-term care strategy

Start the LTC conversation with clients

Get the resources you need to talk to clients about the impact that health conditions (like COVID-19) and long-term care might have on their retirement assets.

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