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Do your clients know the risks?

Could your clients’ fixed income become risked income? Help protect your clients’ retirement savings from a perfect storm of inflation, low-interest rates bond value risk and market instability. 

Maintaining relationships from a distance

Financial professionals – learn how to use virtual tools more effectively to connect digitally and effectively with your clients to benefit your practice.

Managing Client Expectations

Help your clients overcome the fear of missing out and stay focused to meet their goals.

Talking Clients Through the Ukraine Crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought disruptions throughout the world—of people, businesses, and financial systems. Our experts share their insights.

Top 5 client objections to annuities

Annuities can get a bad rap. Here are how to address some client misconceptions about annuities.

What is the value of certainty?

Get the step-by-step playbooks to talk to clients about creating greater certainty in their retirement needs.

Are you recommending annuities to your clients?

A new article examines whether financial professionals who fail to recommend guaranteed income to their clients are breaching fiduciary duty.

Help your clients "protect" their largest asset

Longevity and market volatility are the enemies of your client’s retirement portfolio. What steps can your clients take to make it last as long as they do? 

Bad news in the bond market

The bonds market is in for a rough ride that could put its multi-decade bull run on hold, leaving investors with few other attractive choices.

The Rule of 120

As your clients age, bonds have always been the go-to “income” play for adding stability to a retirement strategy. Could FIAs also play a role?

Is 90 the new 80?

It’s a fact. Americans are living longer. Are your clients prepared, financially, to live to 90 and beyond?

Replay: The Fragile Decade

The Fragile Decade workshop helps you understand the four phases of life transition and introduces you to the four pillars of happiness in retirement.

The Social Security Talk

What’s your client’s plan for taking Social Security? Do they plan to claim early? Or should they wait? Have you had “the talk”?

Does the 4% rule still apply?

The 4% rule doesn’t guarantee anything. It might be time to help your clients look for other guarantees for their retirement.

Ensuring a legacy despite RMDs

Could RMDs disrupt your clients plans to leave a legacy? An optional rider on an annuity such as Enhanced Death Benefit might help keep them on track.

Start the LTC conversation

Helping your clients plan for a long-term care need starts with them understanding the basics. Start the conversation here.

Estate planning with IUL

Get the resources you need to help your clients leverage Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) during estate planning.

Got a mattress saver client?

Annuities may offer better fixed rates AND valuable benefits which may not be available with traditional deposit accounts.

Retire your risk

See how the Alliance for Lifetime Income is looking to help people prepare for what could be a 30+ year retirement.

Do more for your conservative clients

For older, more conservative clients, finding a balance between continued growth potential and asset protection can be a tricky task.

Could RMDs derail a retirement strategy?

For some clients, taking RMDs could pose risks. How can you give your clients an RMD strategy that won’t disrupt their retirement or legacy plans?  

A simple way to grow your clients' money

Do “simple” and “predictable” and “growth potential” exist in a single product? Sure. Take a look at MYGAs.

Webinar Replay: Successful Retirement Income Planning

Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D discusses how different retirement income tools can be combined to build more efficient retirement strategies.

Replay: Leadership in the Face of Adversity

Hear General David H. Petraeus as he shares his ideas on leadership and what’s needed to make tough decisions in the face of adversity.

A bumpy road for boomers

Are your boomer clients ready? A recent survey of over 800 baby boomers reveals that only 25% of boomers believe they will have enough money in retirement.

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