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Our programs address your practice's unique challenges and opportunities. All our workshops are based on customized research and uncommon intellectual capital that focus on core strategies for success. Workshops are customizable and available online or in-person.

Our Workshops

Ageless Wisdom

Today’s older clients want relevant, customized experiences.


Creating greater influence with others. When all else is equal, you are the point of differentiation.

Smart Search

How to use advanced online search techniques for efficient business growth.

The Conversation of a Lifetime

This retirement generation is ready to talk protected lifetime income.

The Fragile Decade

Preparing for retirement happiness by turning apprehension into anticipation.

The Virtual Advisor Crash Course

The world has changed. Your clients’ needs haven’t.

Why She Chooses You

Learn the secret to gaining the loyalty of female clients.

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In the News

How to maintain relationships from a distance

The video skills you acquired during the pandemic to improve client service are still applicable today. That’s right - remote meetings are here to stay. Learn about the steps you can take to use these virtual tools more effectively—and to continue to provide a high-touch experience even while working remotely with clients.

In the News

“Help! I’m Afraid to Retire, Even Though I Can Afford to”

Actually retiring may be the hardest part about retirement when all is said and done. Many pre-retirees get cold feet, yet don’t want to work forever either. Kiplinger shares some coping tips to get investors over the hump. Even better, Global Atlantic Consulting offers “Fragile Decade,” a comprehensive workshop that helps financial professionals help their clients prepare for retirement.

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With more than 70 years of combined experience in sales and practice management, our consultants are some of the most experienced content creators and presenters in the industry. Our goal is to help the financial professional community rise and thrive every day in their businesses!

Jeannie Underwood-Kotner

Senior VP,
Head of Global Atlantic Consulting

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Vice President,
Global Atlantic Consulting

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Vice President,
Global Atlantic Consulting

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Vice President,
Global Atlantic Consulting

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