The New Allocation Playbook

It's time to rethink the 60/40 portfolio

Help your clients weather the storm

Interest rates that are at their highest level since 2008 and a volatile equities market have created a potential perfect storm of both bond and stock losses that are threatening the classic 60/40 portfolio. We've got the tools to help you start the conversation with your clients about finding a better way.


Should rising rates lower expectations?

Share this flyer with your clients* to help them understand the risk of fixed income during a prolonged period of rising rates – and open a conversation about fixed income alternatives.


How could rising interest rates affect retirement savings?

This short video is a great tool to use with your clients* to help them see the historical impact of rising interest rates and falling bond values on the classic 60/40 portfolio.


"Whether-proof" their portfolio

Whether you believe the current interest rate and market conditions will persist or have a more bullish outlook, this flyer shows how annuities can a good complement to a 60/40 portfolio.

Case Study

Case Study: Meet Emma

Ready to drive it home? Introduce your clients to Emma, a 62-year-old professional whose 60/40 portfolio has taken a big hit. See how taking an alternative approach with a fixed index annuity can help Emma limit her losses while providing a guaranteed return.


Social media template

Share the story with your clients* and prospects quickly and easily.


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