The Beyond 60/40 Playbook

Is it time to rethink the 60/40 portfolio?

Help your clients weather the storm

Interest rates that are at their highest level since 2008 and a volatile market have created a potential perfect storm of both bond and stock losses that are threatening the classic 60/40 portfolio. We've got the tools to help you start the conversation with your clients about possibly finding a better way.

Global Atlantic Perspectives

Enhance your clients’ perspectives on market performance with clearer insights into key historical trends — presented through visually engaging charts and graphics.

Should Rising rates lower expectations?

Should rising bond rates lower expectations of portfolio performance? These numbers may provide perspective.

When evaluating performance, are you getting the full picture?

S&P 500® bull market returns may be more modest than expected when seen from the perspective of full cycle returns.

Good news/Bad news

From a historical perspective, what does it take to get back to break even after a market downturn?

What goes down, typically goes back up

Stats from the perspective of the S&P 500®‘s 95-year history show that what goes down, has historically come back up.

Move your conversations in the right direction

Each one of these client-approved resources is designed to help you get your clients thinking about the obstacles — and opportunities! — today’s investment environment presents.


Should rising rates lower expectations?

Consider sharing this flyer with your clients* to help them understand the risk of fixed income during a prolonged period of rising rates – and open a conversation about differing approaches to fixed income.


How could rising interest rates affect retirement savings?

This short video is a great tool to use with your clients* to help them see the historical impact of rising interest rates and falling bond values on the classic 60/40 portfolio.


"Whether-proof" their portfolio

Whether you believe the current interest rate and market conditions will persist or have a more bullish outlook, this flyer shows how annuities can be a good complement to a 60/40 portfolio.

Case Study

Case Study: Meet Emma

Ready to drive it home? Introduce your clients to Emma, a 62-year-old professional whose 60/40 portfolio has taken a big hit. See how taking a different approach with a fixed index annuity may help Emma limit her losses while providing a guaranteed return*.


“The Classic 60-40 Investment Strategy Falls Apart”

Get insights into how the breakdown of the classic 60/40 investment mix has impacted Americans across the country and how it could be costing your clients.


What does the portfolio of the future look like?

Some experts think the era of the 60/40 portfolio is over, but is there a more nuanced outlook to consider? Share this article with your clients to illustrate how alternative approaches may reduce the impact of future volatility.


Social media and email templates

Share the story with your clients* and prospects quickly and invite a conversation with our social media and email templates.


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What's Next?

Whether you believe the current market and interest rate environment will persist or have a more positive outlook, an annuity could help round out your clients’ portfolios.

Learn more about our ForeAccumulation II and ForeStructured Growth annuities.


For more information about our annuity strategies and client resources, contact your wholesaler or request a call.