Ageless Wisdom

Life Shifts

Today’s older clients want relevant, customized experiences.

Thank you for attending the Ageless Wisdom workshop! From the Grandparent life shift to the Career Encore, and everything in between, you’re ready to meet the changing needs of your clients. To learn more about the five main life shifts older clients go through, dig into the playbooks below.

Life Shift Playbooks

The Caregiver Playbook

View Mercedes’ profile and playbook for ideas to help your Caregiving clients.

The Aging Single Playbook

View GeGe’s profile and playbook for tips to help your Aging Single clients.

The Grandparents Playbook

View Ruby & Erik’s profile and playbook for ways to connect with your Grandparent clients.

The Career Encore Playbook

View Paul’s profile to help enhance the experiences for your Career Encore clients.

The Change in Living Situation Playbook

View Renee & John’s profile and playbook to help your clients in this shift.

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