Policyholder information impacted by MOVEit incident at third-party vendor

At Global Atlantic, we do our best to protect your clients’ personal information and ensure our business partners do the same. Despite these efforts, we have been informed by Pension Benefits Information LLC (“PBI”) that they recently experienced a cybersecurity incident involving the MOVEit file transfer application, and that the incident has impacted our policyholder data.

PBI is a third-party vendor that Global Atlantic uses to satisfy applicable regulatory obligations to identify the deaths of insured persons, which can impact premium payment obligations and benefit eligibility. PBI is one of hundreds of companies across a variety of industries that have been impacted by the MOVEit incident.

Please note that Global Atlantic’s environment was not compromised as a part of this incident. Customer policies remain intact, and it is still safe for you and them to interact with our corporate systems and our website.

The security of our policyholders’ data is important to us. Upon learning of the incident, Global Atlantic engaged outside experts and has worked with PBI to understand the nature and scope of impacted information. While our review remains ongoing, we have determined that the compromised data included certain policyholder names, policy numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, gender, and address data. At this time, we are unable to provide a specific number of impacted policyholders, but based on our analysis of the data thus far, a majority of our policyholders were likely impacted.

In the coming weeks, impacted policyholders will receive notification from us via U.S. Mail outlining the incident and support services available to them. Global Atlantic is providing a two-year credit monitoring membership in Experian’s® IdentityWorksSM, offering policyholders superior identity theft detection and resolution of identity theft.

We are also launching a dedicated call center through Experian to address any questions surrounding this incident. Customers who have questions about this incident should be directed to contact Experian at 833-919-4754 toll-free Monday through Friday from 8 am – 10 pm Central, or Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 7 pm Central (excluding major U.S. holidays). The customer should be prepared to provide the engagement number included on their letter.

A sample of the consumer notification letter can be viewed here. Please note that this is a sample letter and that state variations will apply based on the customer’s state of residence.

FAQs for customers have been posted to our public website and can be viewed here.