Preferred Plus

A retirement product that works well within a 403(b) plan

Preferred Plus variable annuity, available through the retirement plans of 403(b) organizations, pays you a 4% bonus on every purchase payment you make. That’s extra money working for you right from the start. With Preferred Plus, you can choose from more than 60 variable investment options1 plus a fixed account to help build your future.  


Available through 403(b) employer plans.

A “Built-In” Bonus Credit2

You purchase a variable annuity contract by making either a single purchase payment or a series of purchase payments. Preferred Plus offers a 4% bonus for every purchase payment you make, up to $1 million (without prior approval from Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company). It acts as a “built-in” immediate return of 4% on every purchase payment you make and it is 100% vested in the contract value — to help you jump start your savings.

Guarantees with Flexibility
Preferred Plus delivers guarantees with flexibility. The Preferred Plus variable annuity includes a fixed account with a guaranteed minimum interest rate and the flexibility to contribute additional funds and transfer money in and out of the fixed account. Certain restrictions apply.

Move Forward through Retirement
The fear of running out of money in retirement is one shared by many people. Preferred Plus offers several different annuitization options, as well as a maximum annuitization age that is higher than many other products. We offer:
  • Guaranteed income for life

  • Guaranteed income for life and joint annuitant’s life

  • Guaranteed income for a specified time period of 10 years

  • Maximum annuitization age of 90 years.


Product Highlights

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  • A 4% bonus on every purchase payment you make

  • A retirement product available for eligible employers within 403(b) plans

  • More than 60 variable investment options1

  • Guarantees with flexibility

  • Predictability throughout retirement with multiple annuitization options

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Earn a 4% bonus with every purchase payment.

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