Lifetime Assure UL

Consider the insurance option that meets multiple needs

Lifetime Assure universal life insurance provides a number of advantages, including death benefit protection combined with guarantees in case of premature death, and cash accumulation that can help you meet many needs.


4 in 10 households without any life insurance would have immediate trouble paying living expenses if they were to lose their primary wage earner

Death benefit protection — combined with solid guarantees

Lifetime Assure universal life insurance is ideal if you're planning for the future and need a versatile insurance policy designed to provide death benefit protection. It builds cash value over time and provides flexibility. It also has a death benefit that is guaranteed from 5-30 years, based on age at issue, assuming a minimum premium is met.

Lifetime Assure provides a number of flexible options:

Transfer wealth
Lifetime Assure can help you leave a legacy to pass on to future generations.

Build savings
Lifetime Assure provides a tax-deferred way to grow cash values based on a fixed interest rate that is declared annually by the company.

Access funds
Your policy’s cash value can be used for a variety of needs such as: education, retirement income and emergencies with no credit checks or application required.

Protect your family
The death benefit gives you peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will be covered financially should you die.


Product Highlights

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  • Protection for your family

  • Cash accumulation for your changing needs

  • Flexible options to help you customize a policy that’s right for you

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Provide protection for your family while building cash value.

Speak to your life insurance professional about Lifetime Assure today.