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There are many reasons why you may be looking into life insurance. Perhaps you recently married, added to your family, took out a loan or started a business. As a result, others are depending on you financially in new ways.


Although people buy life insurance for different reasons, the questions they ask are often similar. Here, we present answers to some of the most common life insurance questions—in the simplest terms.



With an engaging interview and
entertaining story touching on when not
to think about life insurance, What Is Life
looks at who’s involved in the
purchase of life insurance and who needs
life insurance in the first place.


Including a testimonial on the peace and
security life insurance can provide when
facing some of life’s uncertainties,
Why Do I Need Life Insurance? takes
you right to the heart of the matter



Including a heartfelt testimonial from
the perspective of a beneficiary,
How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
looks at the considerations that come
up when deciding on the right amount
of coverage.


What Type of Life Insurance Is Best?
takes a clear look at the difference
between term and permanent life
insurance and includes an informative