Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance – permanent protection for life

Universal life insurance can help you protect your loved ones, plan for your future and leave a legacy for your family. Upon your death, loved ones receive income tax-free death benefits, and, while living, you have options for accessing the cash values.


With a universal life policy, you not only have a death benefit, but cash value can accumulate, which provides flexibility.

What is universal life insurance?

Universal life insurance is a flexible type of permanent life insurance policy in which the death benefit and premiums can be adjusted as your circumstances change. The cash value of a universal life insurance policy accumulates based on the amount of premium paid, monthly deductions for policy costs and an interest rate that is declared by the insurance company.

The benefits of a universal life insurance policy include:

  • Permanent protection that, with adequate premium payments, doesn't expire like term life insurance
  • Death benefit guarantee from 5-30 years based on age at issue
  • Flexible payout options to beneficiaries
  • Great for transferring wealth to loved ones
  • Builds cash value you can access for lifetime needs
  • Income tax-free death benefit
  • Favorable access to cash values
  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate

Universal Life Products


Lifetime Assure UL

Lifetime Assure universal life insurance provides a number of advantages, including protection for your family in case of a premature death and cash accumulation for your changing needs. It can build cash value over time, based on an interest rate that is declared by the insurance company.


Wellness for Life

It’s simple to save on life insurance costs with Wellness for Life.® Wellness for Life® is a rider on a permanent life insurance policy that gives you a discount on your insurance costs if you visit the doctor at least every other year. You save even more if you maintain your weight within a range determined when you buy the policy — regardless of your current health or weight. It's that simple.


Additional Riders

In addition to our exclusive Wellness for Life rider, we offer a wide selection of riders to meet many needs.