Term Life

Term life insurance can provide the protection for tomorrow – at an affordable cost today

When the unexpected happens, life insurance can help your loved ones maintain the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. Term life insurance provides affordable coverage for a defined period of years, with its primary purpose to replace income or help pay off outstanding debts if the insured dies during that time.

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Americans expect life insurance to cost three times more than it does.*

How does term life insurance work?

Under a term life insurance policy, when the insured dies, the beneficiary is paid the specified death benefit amount stated in the policy. This allows you to offer your loved ones a level of comfort in a time of need.

The benefits of term life insurance include:
  • Provides maximum benefit for a level premium that is guaranteed for a stated time period
  • Benefit proceeds can be used for needs including loss of income, debts and funeral expenses
  • Supplies a cost-effective option for individuals or families who cannot afford permanent insurance
  • Purchasing term insurance at a younger and healthier age can provide lower premiums and the possibility to convert to a permanent policy at a later time
  • Offers a great solution for those who have a temporary need for life insurance, such as a mortgage or to cover college tuition costs for children should you die


Term Life Products


ART, 10, 20, 30

We offer four options for term life insurance:

  • Annual Renewable Term life insurance

  • 10 year term life insurance

  • 20 year term life insurance

  • 30 year term life insurance

Our Annual Renewable Term (ART) policy provides a guaranteed premium renewable each year, typically at increasing premiums. Our 10, 20, and 30 year term policies offer a guaranteed level premium for the specified term period.