A parting gift to your loved ones: Plan your funeral for them.

Give something to your family and friends, even after you’re gone. Not only does planning funeral services in advance let you think out how you’d like to be remembered, it takes a huge burden off your loved ones during one of the hardest times of their lives.

Our funeral and memorial planning services are offered nationwide, so you can find our products at a funeral home near you.

Planning and funding your funeral before the need arises can benefit you because it:

  • Provides peace of mind for you and your family
  • Reflects your expressed wishes
  • Pays a death benefit that helps cover funeral costs according to your prearranged funeral agreement to help minimize financial burden on your family

A preneed life insurance policy or annuity contract provides the proceeds to pay for your funeral in full, according to the arrangements you make with your funeral home at the time you enter into a prearranged funeral contract. One million people have planned and funded funeral arrangements through their local funeral homes with us.  Have peace of mind and plan ahead.

It’s a simple four-step process.

  1. Make funeral preferences known by contacting a local funeral professional.
  2. Arrange to set aside funds for your funeral with a whole life insurance or annuity product.
  3. At the time of need, your selected funeral home will provide all services and merchandise designated in your prearranged funeral agreement, locking in today’s costs.
  4. Proceeds from your policy may be paid directly to the funeral home.

Start creating your funeral plan today

You can organize your thoughts and make sure all your wishes are covered by creating a funeral plan. You can note preferences, such as burial or cremation, ceremonies, funeral products and a variety of personal options. Click here for a worksheet to help get you started.

Arrangements Worksheet PDF

For more information, call or visit your local funeral home today.