Make sure you don’t have to become “unretired”

The ForeRetirement variable annuity helps you plan for the challenges you’ll face, so you don’t have to face an even bigger challenge: reentering the workforce. As a variable annuity, it offers a range of standard payout options, professional money management and tax-deferral.


Will your retirement savings live as long as you do?

Customize your Retirement Strategy

ForeRetirement variable annuity offers two daily withdrawal benefit options that may provide you with greater choice and flexibility. Available benefits can help you focus on any of three key retirement strategies:

A Live Strategy
  • Using the Daily 7 or Daily +5, capture new contract value highs on a daily basis for the purpose of calculating future income.
  • Daily 7 guarantees a 7% minimum amount of growth of the Withdrawal Base applied for income calculation each year, for up to 15 years or until your first withdrawal.
  • Daily +5 guarantees 5% growth in addition to the market step-ups for up to 15 years or until your first withdrawal.
  • Daily +5 and Daily 7 requires 80% allocation to managed risk investment options and a 20% allocation to the fixed account.
  • Deferral bonuses apply until the fifteenth contract anniversary or first withdrawal, if sooner. Step up potential continues to age 95. The withdrawal base is used solely for income calculation and is not accessible as a lump sum value. These features are offered for an additional charge.

A Give Strategy
Maximum Daily Value III (MDV III) death benefit provides a death benefit for your beneficiaries that equals the greater of the contract value or the highest attained contract value on any day prior to the eighty-first birthday of the oldest owner (adjusted for premium payments and proportionately for withdrawals).

An additional option is the Return of Premium III (ROP III), which prevents your death benefit from dropping below the amount of premium you’ve invested. Return of Premium III death benefit is reduced by withdrawals. All optional death benefits are available at an additional cost.

A Live & Give Strategy
Electing Legacy Lock IV alongside either Daily 7 or Daily +5 withdrawal benefit gives you all of the features of the Live Strategy while also helping to protect your legacy. Typical annuity death benefits reduce as you make your withdrawals. With Legacy Lock IV, your death benefit may be undiminished by your guaranteed withdrawal amounts or RMDs, subject to benefit guidelines. So you can "live" with guaranteed withdrawals for lifetime income and still have the potential to "give" a legacy through death benefit proceeds equal to the amount of premium you invested, subject to the benefit guidelines.*

Legacy Lock IV is available at an additional cost, and only when paired with either the Daily 7 or Daily +5 optional withdrawal benefit.

ForeRetirement is available in three share classes, B, C and I. The share classes differ in the fees, duration of the surrender charge period and how the sales charges are structured.


Product Highlights

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By electing optional benefits at an additional cost, ForeRetirement can help you:

  • Capture positive performance for income or legacy objectives

  • Customize a Live, Give, or Live & Give retirement strategy

  • Control the balance between guarantees and available growth potential

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