A better way to prepare for and live in retirement

Retirement is the exciting start of a new phase in life. With fewer obligations, you’ll finally have the opportunity to do things you put off during your working years. To be successful, you need to accumulate enough assets to support the lifestyle you imagine.

Historically, equity investments have provided significant growth opportunity over time. As a result, optimistic investors often look to equity-based investments for the accumulation potential they need to support their lifestyle choices in retirement.

Consider ForeInvestors Choice, an innovative variable annuity that offers you new strategies to help address your needs in retirement:


For investors seeking to invest for growth with tax-deferral.

Customize based on your individual risk tolerance and objectives with a broad range of investment options, diversify with popular money managers and potentially grow your contract value within a tax-deferred investment product.

For investors concerned with estate planning and tax liability. 

Pass wealth directly to beneficiaries with the Earnings Protection Benefit optional death benefit, available at an additional cost, which grosses up contract value payable at death by 35% of contract growth to help cover tax liability to beneficiaries.


Talk to your financial advisor to learn more about the ForeInvestors Choice variable annuity and how it can help you prepare for and live in retirement.

ForeInvestors Choice is available in three share classes, B, C and I. The share classes differ in the fees, duration of the surrender charge period and how the sales charges are structured.