Protecting dreams — for yourself and those you love

When people think of “financial protection,” they often think of insurance first, making certain that those they love are protected against financial hardship in case of unexpected events. And that is vitally important. In the context of planning for retirement, most people think of “protection” in terms of protecting assets from market swings, taxes and inflation. And these are also key considerations when constructing a protection strategy. But there are more things to think about as well, including long-term care issues and even funeral & memorial planning. At Global Atlantic, we create insurance and annuity products that help you pursue your protection priorities — whatever they may be.

"I don't focus on what can go wrong tomorrow. I focus on what I can do right today."

Key Protection Questions

When it comes to financial planning, “protection” can mean different things to different people. Here are some key questions you might consider when working with your financial advisor to create a protection strategy.

  • How will my loved ones replace my income if I die?

  • Will my retirement funds last throughout my retirement?

  • What if I need long-term care?

  • Are my investments shielded against market swings?

  • Do I have debts that could become a burden to others and eat up assets?

  • Have I made commitments to others that could go unfulfilled should I pass away?

  • Can my investments keep up with inflation?

  • What if I’m injured?

  • Do I have a financial cushion? If so, is it enough?

Key questions for a protection retirement strategy
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Global Atlantic offers many options to help you pursue your protection goals.

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