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Help build your lifetime income PLUS prepare for the unpredictable

(Choice Income is only available through independent producers. Speak with your financial professional to see if this product is available to you.)

Choice Income fixed index annuity (FIA) goes beyond the traditional crediting and protection benefits of a basic FIA. With two ways to help grow your lifetime income, a way to keep growing income while in retirement, and additional income for a qualifying healthcare need – Choice Income can offer you a secure source of retirement income that will last as long as you do.


Social Security may only cover about 40% of your pre-retirement income.*

Choose how you want to grow your retirement income

With Choice Income you have the opportunity to grow your Withdrawal Base – the value used to help determine the amount of your future income – with two benefit options.1

The Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit With the Guaranteed Income Builder Benefit option, the Withdrawal Base grows by a guaranteed 8% roll-up, also known as Deferral Bonus, every year before you start to receive income.2,3 This annual growth will continue as long as you wait to receive income.

The Income Multiplier Benefit With the Income Multiplier Benefit option, the growth of your Withdrawal Base is linked to the interest credited to your contract value2 through either a fixed or index-based crediting strategy. So – before taking income, your Withdrawal Base will receive two times the amount of interest credits your contract value may earn. After you start your income, your Withdrawal Base will receive the same amount of interest credits your contact value earns, during a bonus period.4

Choice Income also features the Income Enhancement Benefit.5 This built-in benefit, at no additional cost, provides you with additional income should you face a healthcare need and are certified by a healthcare professional as being unable to perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).6 With this benefit, your guaranteed annual income amount will be doubled for up to five years.6 Once the income enhancement benefit ends, your income continues at the original guaranteed amount.


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