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Vote for your retirement

Should you make changes to your retirement strategy in advance of the November 2020 elections? To help you decide, we’ll review:


What’s on your mind regarding retirement and the upcoming elections

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The historical impacts elections may/may not have had on the economy

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Alternative ideas to help you protect your retirement vision

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We the people

In addition to the survey, we asked everyday people about the 2020 election and their retirement strategies.

See what they're planning to do (if anything) to help keep their retirement strategies on track.

Election realities

What type of effect do election cycles really have on the economy? Take a look.

Do elections create volatility?
Over the last 50 years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has experienced significant swings from the year of an election to the year following it, regardless of the victorious party. Roll over the chart below to highlight market results by each four-year term.


Historical data of the DJIA chart above reflects annualized average returns and is inflation-adjusted based on Consumer Price Index and each data point represents the month-end closing value and does not include reinvestment of dividends.

Are recessions partisan?
Recessions can put retirement plans to the test. However, recessions are a natural part of the economic cycle, with six occurring over the last 50 years. History has shown that recessions are independent and not correlated with any one party being in power.

Protect your retirement dreams

Now that you’ve shared your retirement hopes and fears, consider a fixed annuity with one of these three strategies to help protect what matters most to you in your retirement.


Preserve lifetime income

Looking to add a source of guaranteed income that you (and your spouse, if applicable) can’t outlive?

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Prepare for a long-term care need

Want to make more of the money you’ve set aside for a health-related setback?

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Provide a guaranteed legacy

Want to predictably grow the legacy you’re planning to leave behind to your loved ones?

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Vote for your retirement

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Retirement planning can be complicated. For your retirement party, work with a financial professional to help you tailor your financial strategy (and feel free to ask any questions that this site may have sparked).

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