Make a plan, or your plan may be to keep working.

When you feel like you need a new job you can search for one. Retirement is different. There are no more career changes. But a variable annuity may help you keep up with the changing needs of life – and retirement. With investment flexibility and returns based on the performance of your investment selections, you have the potential to keep pace with rising expenses. Also, variable annuities today typically offer a range of options, features, and guarantees at an additional cost, so you can tailor the contract to help meet your personal needs.

Variable annuities:
  • Are tax-deferred retirement investments
  • Give you the potential to keep pace with, or outpace, rising expenses
  • Can be tailored with options to help meet your personal needs
  • Offer a choice of payout options for income
  • Provide a variety of professional money managers for your investment
  • Offer investment options spanning style and risk profiles
  • Allow you to pass proceeds directly to named beneficiaries as a death benefit

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