Advantage IV

A retirement product designed to deliver investment flexibility

Advantage IV variable annuity, available through eligible 403(b) retirement plans, offers a variety of investment and payout options to help you create a retirement strategy tailored to your individual needs.


Available through 403(b) employer plans.

Take advantage of flexibility when creating a retirement savings strategy

The Advantage IV variable annuity offers you significant flexibility in designing a retirement savings approach. With Advantage IV, you can choose from more than 60 variable investment options,1 plus enjoy the availability of a fixed account to help build your future, and a death benefit to help protect your beneficiaries.

Access to Your Money at Retirement
Be prepared for the unexpected. The Advantage IV variable annuity offers a benefit that gives you the potential to access your money without surrender charges. As with many annuity products, Advantage IV includes a surrender charge period of seven years that applies to each contribution made. However, within a qualified plan or IRA, you can access your money earlier free of surrender charge by meeting two conditions – reaching age 59½ and owning the annuity contract for at least five years. Your financial advisor can help you decide if this product is right for you.

Predictability throughout Retirement
The fear of running out of money in retirement is one shared by many people. Advantage IV offers several different annuitization options, as well as a maximum annuitization age that is higher than many other products.

We offer:
  • Guaranteed income for life
  • Guaranteed income for life and joint annuitant’s life
  • Guaranteed income for a specified time period of 10 years
  • Maximum annuitization age of 90 year

Product Highlights

product detail
  • A retirement product available for eligible employers within 403 (b) plans

  • More than 60 variable investment options1

  • Guarantees with flexibility

  • Predictability throughout retirement with multiple annuitization options

  • The possibility of accessing your money early, free of surrender charge, by meeting certain conditions

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Take advantage of significant flexibility.

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