About Accordia Life

Accordia Life is a subsidiary of Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited, a multiline insurance and reinsurance company with over $50 billion in assets and 10 offices. Global Atlantic was founded at Goldman Sachs in 2004 and separated as an independent company in April of 2013. The company is derived from the former Aviva USA Life business, which Global Atlantic acquired in 2013.

Who We Are & Our Values

Who We Are

At Accordia Life, we’re building a strong, new, agent-focused life insurance company on a foundation of experience, success, competitive products and strong relationships. You’ll find an innovative new life insurance company with experienced professionals and time-tested products that help meet the protection, wealth transfer and small-business needs of customers throughout the United States.

Our Values

At Accordia Life, we are in the business of helping families protect and provide for their loved ones. This focus permeates our culture as we continually strive to meet your needs and provide solutions for real life financial challenges.

This emphasis stems from our corporate values which are inherent principles of our company and our people.

Our Values:


We seek and develop a diverse team of talented individuals who reinforce our culture of excellence.


We are honest, fair and transparent in all aspects of our business.


We take a collaborative approach to problem solving and decision making.


We develop creative solutions to proactively meet the changing needs of our clients and business.


We seek to grow and preserve our customers' and shareholders' assets by rigorously understanding and quantifying risk and judicious use of capital